Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm in holiday! I'm so happy that I couldn't sleep well last night . It's exactly two days before christmas . I always love christmas! Unluckily there won't be any celebration at my house this year . Blame those three families who go abroad before christmas eve :( This year's theme of christmas at my house is purple! (: I loveeeeeeee the ambiance ! Mom's a good decorator ♥ Have just came back from dinner with fiona and edric. Anyway, the salon was packed with ppl and we had to wait a long time until our turns . It made us to cancel our early xmas dinner at aston. I have so many things to be done , yet I have a very short time .

bought some candy canes to my close friends last time :D good bye! xx , S (:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

missing d & f !

It's been ages since my last post! OMG I WANT MY LIFE BACK . All I can say is that I'm bored and I neeeeed to haveeee fun . I don't think I recognize the word of 'play' . Even though I couldn't do well in my papers and I'm pretty sure I'll score a very looooooow grade , I believe there's a glimmer of hope - miracle . Denissa is in town and so is Fiona . I want to meet them superdupermega badly . D is gg out of town the day when my test ends . I hope we can meet after her return . Unfortunately , the day after I go overseas is the day she will come back . gloomy. I have so many stories to share . This is what I dislike when all of us live in different countries . We hardly can meet . Honestly speaking, I don't feel like going . I want to spend my new year eve with theeeeeem and it will be soooo fun to welcome 2011 togetherrrr u.u Moreover, I'm scared that I'll be shaking all the time due to the weather there.

As 2010 draw to a close, I pray for all of you to stay healthy and happy (: much love and christmas is in the corner! yay ! :D