Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello! 3 days to lunar new year :) I can't wait to munch all those cookies :D I didn't know what to type . Every time I urge myself to update a post, I sign in and eventually leave it empty as I don't know what to write like now........... I lost my spirit in studying, playing and so on . It's not a good sign! It brings fats to my body . I barely move -.- ohwell, I don't know what to say....urm.. maybe I should go now . bye. thanks for reading! have a happy sunday xx

Monday, January 10, 2011


I know it's too late to greet all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I was busy last time and had no time to update . However, it's better late than never isnt it (: My christmas day was spent really boring . I was packing at that time , and sis' bf, meilinda sleptover at my house .

was busy preparing class' party and only had a chance to meet denissa once . I feel really bad /: Last Saturday had been a tiring day . The party went well but I felt really weak right after it but all the hard work was paid off though . My friends said they were happy and so did teachers . My holiday has its own sweet and bitter . By the way I had my haircut during my trip . It was such a relieve that he did a good haircut . I kept my eyes on him and told him to do his best . Luckily it's good pheww.. It was so hard to communicate since he didn't speak english :s My new year eve was spent at the hotel room , and slept. There was no countdown -.- I need to sign out now . Feeling unwell and shd take more rest .

I hope this new year I'll become a better person (: Have a great year ahead cupcakes xx All the best (;