Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hey strangers, wanna be my friends?

I've just eaten 'nyamnyam' :D It brings memories of childhood . I'm so freaking damn super bored right now . I don't have friends here. Well.. I have , but not cooperative ones. Don't see things eye to eye as well . I'm very sensitive nowadays , it's maybe because I spend days alone . notgoodnotgood tsktsk . I sound very desperate , yes I am desperateeeee ]: I wish I were in singapore with fidenadexichan ! fionadenissanadiadextermichan :b Ahh I have just come back from menipedi and I regret to try on the stickers! Should have just asked her to paint D: I don't know what will I do now.. Let's just upload pictures >: ugh I'm deadbored bye

Yesterday's nail colour plus teddy bear and one of the prom's leftover flowers , have a good evening! With love, S.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Prince William and Princess Catherine Middleton 's wedding day has been the most popular issue around the world . It attracts children to adults and old people. Honestly speaking , I love kate . She is very low profile (make up by herself ) as well as she keeps smiling (:(:(: A girl who always smiles is pretty! Wedding dress? It's stunning! I think she is very calm with princessy (idk what word this is) acts

Do I want to be Kate? 70% no. 30% yes.
Being princess is not easy like flipping pages. The palace has its own strict rules . The whole world will know you and a stupid act can cause a tragedy . Being princess means being a role model as well . I can't do whatever I like . I should think more than twice before deciding and talking which I find difficult.. But whatever, it's my opinion! (:
On the other hand, I want to be like kate , why? Because she seems to be a kind-hearted person , low-profile and down-to earth . Especially , she keeps smiling! : ) FURTHERMORE, I don't like to be called princess by many people or I could say, e v e r y single person . I want to be a princess for my own prince and he should be the one who calls me princess instead of the gazzilion peoplee :b Anyway ,mom frequently bbm me 'princess' . It's very niceeee ,sometimes. Even though it's ew.. sometimes . lol


Greetings! (: Had a fun bbq last night except the incident and the cleaning part -- So we made this bbq on purpose since it's our friend's birthday! Marshmallow, chicken, prawn, sausage, meatballs, corns :D lalalalala the food part is always the best :D

overburn meetballssssssssss nyams

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Their pure smiles

We went to the orphanage before our national exam started . I could simplify this visit as the most enjoyable among others . The children are very playful and friendly . They did not afraid to play with us and when it comes to games, you can see the excitement from their eyes . Do go and visit them! They worth your time (: You can email me ( if you wanna now the place (; Have a nice day everyone! xx

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Golden Memoire

It's prom night two days ago . Couldn't be happier to finally meet friends and teachers (: The performances were not that bad and I was glad that I decided to chip in instead of canceling it. I love prom night . It happens once in a lifetime (: Looking forward to big reunion in years later . More pictures on facebook xx

Thursday, April 7, 2011


UP is definitely an awesome movie . I adore Carl & Ellie 's love life . How they manage to be in love since they first met . It's a sad movie yet adorable . One of the best pixar movies and I will absolutely keep watching it over and over again .

The last note wrote by Ellie before her death .

Russel the little boy that stows away on the balloon ride with Carl
and dug the dog

There's this colourful bird named kevin and those are her children! cuteeee!


Do you wish to tie balloons to your house and explooooreee?
A team of scientists, engineers, world-class balloon pilots, a 16X16 ft house, 300 balloons that fill up to 8 ft tall when inflated, and the National Geographic Channel will fulfill your wish .
They make one and we can explore south america like ohmygooood I really wanna stay inside the house for couple of weeks .

From pixar to reality w o w

:w I'm home alone and I have this thought to tie balloons around the house -_- I'm sooooo booooredd . Hey, download this song : married life by michael giacchino . Up's soundtrack :D will hand in this disc to fio's mommy . I wish I can hide inside her luggage and fly to sydney then eventually meet FIONAAAA! Missing her :'(

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Don't get it wrong! WTF stands for wow that's fantastic . lol I knew this from my cousin . That skecth is drawn by princess nisa aka denissahahahady! I always in awe everytime I look at her artwork . Agree? She is a great artist and she will forever be (: miss you babe! xx

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Greetings! How are you? Doing well? I wanna update daily but unfortunately I shouldn't . National exam is in two weeks times yet I haven't well-prepared . I'm googling , finding which college/uni I will apply. See how terrible I am, most of my friends have applied and accepted whilst I'm still checking == It's so confusing to choose one among so many choices . I hope I decide wisely . It's scary how time flies very fast without my notice :S

A boy up there is one of my beloved cousins dexteerrr! He is always there whenever I need him . I'm going to miss him as this time is his last visit . How I dislike the singapore government will send him to army camp .

I need to go now. I'm really good in dwadling away my whole morning . Farewell! See you in may : )