Sunday, December 18, 2011

Have yourself a merry little christmas

Attended an early christmas party on friday. It was memorable indeed (: The ambience suits me and I really like it. wait, I loveee it (: Had cousins over there boosts up my christmas spirit. Mom said we won't set up a christmas tree or decorate any single thing since she's busy and tired due to the absence of maids couple of weeks before. I am surely a noisy bee these past few days, keep buzzing mom to decorate or at least help me (her sense of art is uber good) . I can't wait for christmas! I love christmas more than lunar new year. Besides, christmas is the day after my late grandpa's birthday . I wish I could celebrate it with beloved ones, namely my family and close friends. Christmas wishlist? May Tinker Bell sprinkles a pocketful of magic dust to everyone in the whole world and have their own happiness during the next 6 days to a brand new year as well as positive spirits to embrace it! (I sound silly) well, Good Night Deers! :D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I feel like posting this!

Dear getting-smarter cousin,

Hey, from every sentence you wrote in a new draft , i wanna say that I AM PROUD OF YOU : ) the only girl won't hurt you is only meeeeeee :D

well, "hello deer" is on purpose instead of "hello dear" . anw sorry for the very late reply. I'm doing my assignment and in the middle of 'giving up' but somehow your post boosts my mood . thank youuu! wish you nothing but the best.

your awesome (I know right) cousin