Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Old Times

me and l, my deskmate (:

I looooveeeee these girls

don't get it wrong. I took this and uploaded it bcs our shoes are quite similar. ok?

piggyback n.n

The initial plan was to continue tidying up the mess in study room . It however ruined by something and now, I care less than before . The pictures above were taken months ago when I had a class group photos . I accidentally saw them and decided to post several . I miss them.. esp those ppl who I used to close to. I miss laughing out loud , observing my classmates and so on.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Do think

old pics , again -.-

Whata cozy day.. It's raining whilst tidying up study room with olivia ong's songs accompany me.. <3 I should stop buying stationary hmmp. I just can't get enough of it . On the other hand, my interest in books is lacking each day /: Idk why. not good . Sleep tight little kids in africa.. last but not least, you (:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

bee dee dee baa dee dee boo

my nail colour ; my pimples
my not-so-beautiful face ; my silly face and tongue
chubby cheek ; bored face

. don't comment .

I am happy today : ) Had breakfast with my family after a loooong time hehehe. It's lebaran day starts tomorrow isn't it? Happy Lebaran for those who celebrate it . am skyping with my friend now.. lol who is transforming into 'gu jun pyo' hahaha can't stop laughing . Anyway I lose my ability in writing , I want to type a long post but once I sign in, *boom* I forget my thoughts . so lame tsk tsk

Saturday, August 27, 2011

An ice cream a day keeps happiness stays :D

old pic <3

Haaaaiiii.. I've been laying on the bed or sofa for these two days . still unhealthy and all I can do is laying helplessly . I can't stand slacking off, doing nothing for the whole day ughh.. I hate it when I have plans , my body isn't supportive! ]: My pimples grow more -.- I've no idea when I can get rid of them out of my life tsk . I'm craving for cakes again.. I went to cake shop yesterday and bought what I wanted but I don't think I will go today.. The atmosphere outside weakens me boo! -_- And I can't depend on anyone, right? I hope I will recover soon :D Pray for me will ya? (; Have a niiceeee daaayy..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anything I'm not

Hello everyone , how are you doing? Well, I'm sick . It ruined my plans and I should cancel my outing with g . It's so hard to get up that I couldn't do anything besides staying on my bed the whole day . I tried to go downstair or took a bath just now yet I ended up with sighing . I vomit yst meals , dizzy when I watched tv and my head is spinning whilst I'm typing . What's wrong with me /: I force myself too much . too much. sigh

love this twoooo <3

had lunch with primary school friends yesterday..

Having angelin in town always blossom my day. She's one of those friends who I don't talk much in daily life but never out of topics when we gather .
Experiences, friends , etc.
Then I realize..
"There are many people care about you. But a few do truly care"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dynamic Duo

I was relieved that I finally settled my uni's courses this morning (: (; Watched kung fu panda for the second time with d and had our nails done as we didn't know what to do . Walked home on foot from d's home , my legs out of the blue couldn't walk properly so I stopped for a while then it was drizzling! A frog appeared and jumped to me! -.- hahaha

am going to sleep now.. yay! usiku mwema , lala salama..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

one two three

I've accomplished today's mission! :D Collected 100++ signatures hohoho and am so proud of sis and her group , they won gold 4 out of 7 competitions . Another 3 for silver . It means they won every competition ! I bet they are veryberry ecstatic . Even though I didn't watch them , I knew they would do the best . I fell asleep once I reached home in the afternoon and successfully stayed awake until now. Had gathering with seniors and peers tonight . I obviously kept quiet all the time /: I'm friendly, I just don't know how to start a conv :s esp to strangers . I find it very awkward. I need to change! (: Anw thanks to e for sending me . Good night people out there , have a sweet dream *hugs

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Black & White

10 hours orientation successfully exhaust me . It's just the beginning, I wonder is it possible for me to survive in 12 hours orientation for three days in a row .
I should wake up super early again tomorrow and will definitely reach home at night .

Friday, August 19, 2011

mimi nimechokka

Slept very late last night and woke up early in the morning then uni!! Ahh I didn't understand why I should get his signature . It was a waste of time esp when we didn't know where he was and we should search for him in the whole faculty == What a day . A talk with d whilst had our lunch . I miss this girl a looot . Besides her 'unique' attitudes and personalities , trust me , she is one good friend . Even though we seldom communicate , we can't stop talking when we meet . It's always nice to share things once in a while , it makes us talk talk talk and talk. I wish her all the best for her studies and I hope she can take care of herself way more careful than she does now. Right after meeting her, I bought some stuffs for the orientation tomorrow. Picked up our order and went to another d 's home . I haven't completed the things and I still can turn on lappie . Shoot me. Honestly speaking, I'm afraid. *big sigh ; wish me luck xx

Little Miss Sunshine

Haaaai I'm widely awake as I'm helping sis to prepare her stuffs and sth . I hope it will be ugh-mazinggg! Wish her thousands of luck . I started my tuesday with english tuition and went there with w the silly one . Right after it , I had mcd drive-thru , I don't understand why some people do not get what I order . Then fetched m to have briefing in a uni which made me feel gloomy . However, Thank God I had another w who helps me think positive! I'm not going to abandon art , I will never do it again. Sheila is Sheila . Late lunch with s and coincidentally met my friend's mom and I loveee her mindset, always adore this aunty. (: I'm arranging my documents and I need to sleep once it's settled . Have a nice day awesome (you) ! :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello! How's your days? Doing well? I've been watching a korean movie called city hunter the whole day today . It's very unproductive since yst I actually planned to do my 3000 words assignments today . dang! I seriously need to get back on the track ; have healthy meals, not those delivery food and instant noodle . I'm getting sick of it -.- well, I always sick of it. ugh /:

Monday : I went to uni to have english test then had my brunch with friends . Ah I watched transformers 3 with denissa and it was not 'that' awesome like what ppl said or maybe it's just me :S We got bottom-corner seats . We were terribly dizzy and the woman sat beside denissa is very talkative -.- Next, had our dinner at breeks and home! Only remember 'humpty dumpty' from transformers..

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Tuesday : If I considered it as a bad day, it would be so let's just say it as one unlucky day (: I was told to arrive at 8 a.m at 'x' as I applied for the driving license . I waited until freaking 3 p.m to get all the procedures done . It's useless to pay more than others and had the same waiting time . I do mind waiting when I'm hungry! -___- After all the patience , my friends bought me ticket for kung fu panda 2 ! Thank God I watched it or I will grump for the whole day . I looooveeeeee this movie I love love love it so much . PO is so ccuuuttteeee and the rabbit citizens , aww! ;DD


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Heyhoo (: I'm soo happy that I've no driving lesson today due to tuition . lalalala then I had this meeting for saturday event . I hope it goes well * fingers crossed . skipskip . I have just come back from barbeque at mason's . We will bid a farewell with him this saturday /: I don't know what to type.. It feels good to meet my classmates . Even though sometimes problems occur or awkward situations , still , they blossom my days . Have a nice dream bunnies (: xo, S.

We played 007 game which the one who made mistakes should be given punishment hahaha an interesting gameee . I didn't make mistakes anyway soo there's no marks on my face yayyy!

Group photo : ) some people left earlier

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Magic Spell

Harry Potter today with princess nisa and prince gerald . hihihi what a royal relationship I have ;b Anyway , I've just realized his spells don't attract me . For instance : expelliarmus , expecto patornum . -.- Magical doremi's one is much cooler :D
pirikapirirara poporina peperuto

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rhythm of love

went to sun with denissa today and finally had the chance to buy movie tickets ;D I'm yearning for january.. I'm going to be a book slave in less than a month. pffttt. I have this thought of having a medical check up , I mean like.. for real. I'm physically tired , but on the other hand , I don't have the guts . Have a sweet dream bunnies.. (: