Friday, March 30, 2012

"Be Happy"

expectation hurts. that's why I try not to expect things from anyone.
no one's home. haven't talked up to 20 statements so far.
if only I could drive or at least have someone to talk .
a bouquet of flowers and a little note brighten my day, thank you for being so thoughtful.
I expect something will cheer me up until I forget to be happy.
well, at least someone's being sweet (:
thank you once again, good luck with the surprise! 

P.S : happy birthday devilin angelin , love you xos.

Sunday, March 25, 2012



Saturday, March 24, 2012

play hard, study hardeeeer

Had a short trip out of the city yesterday with peers and two other new friends due to public holiday :D The decision to stay away from books for a day surely gave me a huge yaaaaaaaaaaay even though I still feel tired . I'm trying to focus on my assignments but my brain doesn't want to work == . Anyway , the issue of the massive demonstration on monday makes everyone panics . Most of my friends won't attend classes on monday, should I not attend too? /: phew humans are insane. being grateful should be taught in early age. agree?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yellow Mellow

HAIII how are you? life is giving me trials. Trials to adapt with my packed schedules and piles of assignments .Today I'll tell how I spent my last weekend in 3 posts. ugh I have no time to update this teacup since I came back and when I spared my time yesterday, my lappie acted weird and refused to show itself hmph! I had to bring it to the store and waited for +- 5 hours? idk. Anyway, thanks for the companion silly! you know who you are. Back to the topic , this trip was for my beloved nadia who has been my maid sweetytweety since March 10th,1995 . It's her 17th birthday so I went there to surprise her! She's so lucky to have me :O (and she will puke after reading this, but hey, it's the truth :b )

on our way to dex's house

clarissa came along too since she had to do medical check up and fortunately her mom set a good date :D

he likes to crawl

so yummy :|

good luck with the army thing! I know you can get through the difficulties dear! loveyouu

met stelalalalalalalalalalalaa :'D so happy

bought these balloons and brought them was troublesome, but worth it.


"birthday queen hihihi so pretty" - nadia
a blessed pig
a happy girl

keep making us proud sayang (:

short story : reached there and went to dex's home, next we went to have a quick lunch since claris got an appointment . after hospital, we went to have tea time then roamed around to search sister's thing. had dinner with stelllaaa! then bought cake and balloons for nadia the pig. waited until 12 to get into her room and tararaaaaaaaaa~ -the end-

I wish I could write more but I have to do homework now so byebyeee good night bunnies!