Sunday, April 29, 2012

mirror mirror on the wall

finally watched mirror mirror last night :DDDDD very good movie, I love every single thing in the movie.. the rooms, the costumes , the talks! the plot :D perfect movie to end the night.  it's snow white after alice in the wonderland. I hope it's beauty and the beast next . lovelovelovee

I'm that happy! haa. it's sundayyyy! and tomorrow is monday /: promise myself to start focusing on the lessons tomorrow . I've been doing bad since the term started.

let's study harder!
good day apples (:

Friday, April 27, 2012

tickled pink

not focusing on my lessons today at all isn't regrettable . moreover forcing him to have fondue . I guess no one wants to eat those fats with me? well at least I can force someone *grins

celebrate my lecturer's early birthday, she's the best lecturer so far. 
the best one deserves best presents, right? 

sleeping soon,
have a good night 

wonderful life

laying on the grass , breathing fresh air and having flowers around with butterflies dancing in the blue sky

have a good day,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Saturday, April 21, 2012


i'm sooo ugly, I know. or let's just say he's not good at taking pictures. it makes me feel better hoho
those are 3 weekends in a row. it's nice to have a companion when your girls are none left in hometown. I'm so looking forward to long holidaaay (:
anw, another test and I'm officially free from the evil "exams"

good night!

Friday, April 13, 2012

good luck is the mother of hard work

smurfs in action

it was raining right after we came out from taxi -.-

Hello (: I'm currently at a cafe for the connection's sake. collecting files for tomorrow's test and decide to update a post before I leave. So.. I received a very good news last night from nadia. She has made me so prooooouddd, again (: pictures above are her sweet 17, last month . I'm SOOO PROUD OF HER OMG hahahaa. okay, enuff. she will say I embarrass her. hahahaa. Anyway I'm having mid tests ): Both unis hold the same week for mid tests! How lucky I am? (: greetings to sleepless nights, gastric pain and swollen eyes . Wish me luck! see you in 3 weeks later. this tests are surely killing me softly.