Saturday, June 5, 2010

smile everyday : )

I stayed at home all day except in the morning I went to tuition . I rearranged my wardrobe and picked which clothes I didn't want and the result was , almost half of the clothes I gave to whoever . Last wed , D came over to my house and we drew face expressions on our fingers and eggs - we made bride and groom version (: 2 days ago , a friend of mine treated us a lunch at sushitei , I didn't take many pics as we enjoy chatting around . At night, another friend treated us a dinner to celebrate his belated birthday too at ria . Nah, me and my friends never satisfied if we do not do anything fun to our close friends esp : go home with tidy and clean cloth, we splashed him w fanta and in the end ,photo session, I threw him a glass of chocolate milk :D *grins* I love to do stuffs like that B) . Yesterday, went to sun w/ D and wanted to watch a movie but unluckily the movie started not at the right time, I shdn't go home late or else dad would gimme a speech. What to say, dad is dad , fathers are fathers , they don't want their children not get enough rest (: Next, good night! - S