Thursday, June 17, 2010

f a t is my middle name

I have nothing to do. In the fact, I have ,lots. They are homework /: I should submit them tomorrow, and I haven't do a question . I lay my body on the floor and moving from corner to corner then I will say " KAAAK GUA LAPEER!!!" (MAID I'M HUNGRY!!!) . I'm not hungry , I'm just.. greedy. Besides that, when I have nothing to do,all I think is food food food and food (: x: ): which makes me become fatter and fatter everyday. I don't want to enter school with gained body /: I don't want my friend says : "hey sheila! You look fatter!" Oh no. I will desperate at that time . Many people have already said i'm fatter v: Aaaaahhh need to do the task, see you sugar! - S

those pics are when I accompany D to her prom . Fact : I look like 30++ ): BOO!