Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random thoughts , skip it! (:

I am siiiiiickk for the zillion times and like seriousssslyyy I'm tired of lying on the bed for the whole day . Porridge becomes the only food I can possibly eat . I puked out instant noodle at school last week and vomited instant noodle yst at home -________-" I have no appetite for the whole one week . This post will full of words . No pictures , boring? close the tab ! :D

The result has come out . Dang~ I'm quite satisfied . Kwa-it , which means I'm not fully satisfied . Even though I can enter the uni in oz without foundation . Still, I don't find it's good enough. I aimed for a higher score!! /: Mom and sis said I should be satisfied -.- And the hardwork is eventually paid off! Tee-hee . No more ielts test . A burden has lifted from my shoulder :b HOWEVER , tragically (sounds dramatic , *nod* I know) dad asked me to chip in 'those' tests ! which are unbelievably difficult (accord. to me) A burden has lifted, 3 burdens are added. Funny? Ha-ha -_- srsly dad! ): lemme focus on a thing . ugghh , kay I accept it . As long as you are happy and I will do my best (: muah papaa :*

It's obvious . Your cruel attitude cut me to the quick . But well.. I accept it as the painful feeling has become an eye-opener for me, and the future me(:

Her sudden death jolted us all . May She rest in peace . I heard that you were a good person . From the bottom of my heart, I pray for you to reach the heaven as soon as possibleeeee :]

Received a news that a beloved one was sick and would be hospitalized after reaching home from school squeezed my heart . Very shock indeed . Even though I don't 'rly' have a good chemistry with Her . Still , I do care . Stepped on the second floor at the hospital recalled me to Him . I miss Him /: I had a terrible mess on my mind on that day . SHE has never been so weak , so powerless . I hope there won't be the second time /x

To recapitulate , I have come into terms with this difficult situation . I should control my imbecile feelings , like what mom said to me : " You should be a brave girl . You get scared of every little thing . It's not good " . Yet, she never gets tired to give me a piece of advice and encourages me to do good deeds as well as accept others' weakness . First and foremost , She is always there for me whenever my life is either up or down .
I love her to the bits

P.S : I miss mom!! She went out of town for quite a long time -.- As no mom's mouth-watering dinner makes one day , three autumns :b