Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forgive and Forget

F can be fluffy, fabulous , forever, festive , foundation , and many more. Not to mention , February , the month of love . Love to the elderly and younger ones . Love is in the air
  • Happy belated lunar new year ! It kept me busy especially on the first day , I forgot to greet some teachers and hardly checked my phone . Replied everyone so short as well . Went around from one place to another place and non-stop guests . However ,I'm very happy that on the second day , brother and nadia were able to celebrate it with us . Moreover, I ate a lot! Gained weight and my face looked fatter than before . Next , family gathering on the third day! :D It was potluck and the food was deliciouuusss .
    Fireworks and flying latern .

  • Some pictures from last weekend

  • So... ♥ Valentine's day is yesterday! Heard many lovebirds celebrated it in different places (: happy for you all included those who couldn't celebrate it together, I wish you guys all the best and long lasts (; Dad , mom and brother were out of town , sister went out to have dinner with her boy and I spent it by watching korean movies lol . Not that bad actually , I miss vday two years back then when there's a party and complete family . Watched the match between my classmates and other students . Even though they lose in volley match , they won in tug of war :D

  • Today is public holiday and I dally over my time /: feel really bad. sighh . How I wish there's an undo button in this life . Have a nice day people! xx