Thursday, April 7, 2011


UP is definitely an awesome movie . I adore Carl & Ellie 's love life . How they manage to be in love since they first met . It's a sad movie yet adorable . One of the best pixar movies and I will absolutely keep watching it over and over again .

The last note wrote by Ellie before her death .

Russel the little boy that stows away on the balloon ride with Carl
and dug the dog

There's this colourful bird named kevin and those are her children! cuteeee!


Do you wish to tie balloons to your house and explooooreee?
A team of scientists, engineers, world-class balloon pilots, a 16X16 ft house, 300 balloons that fill up to 8 ft tall when inflated, and the National Geographic Channel will fulfill your wish .
They make one and we can explore south america like ohmygooood I really wanna stay inside the house for couple of weeks .

From pixar to reality w o w

:w I'm home alone and I have this thought to tie balloons around the house -_- I'm sooooo booooredd . Hey, download this song : married life by michael giacchino . Up's soundtrack :D will hand in this disc to fio's mommy . I wish I can hide inside her luggage and fly to sydney then eventually meet FIONAAAA! Missing her :'(