Thursday, July 14, 2011

Go Green

lalalala I love danish , I ate three to four for my breakfast . Today we stopped by anywhere we passed . I spent most of my time today inside the car and fell asleep! :B :

Through whom we get food to eat, water to drink and wash our body, clothes to wear and keep our body warm, and a place to rest our weary soul. What have you done in return for all the good things Mother Nature has blessed us with? Well, for most of us, we have done absolutely nothing. We keep taking and that is why sometimes one part of the world feels some kind of pain . We can all do something, no matter how small your act can be. In fact, all good things start small and your small action may not be appreciated now, but be rest assured that it will certainly make a difference and just like the fact that it will make a difference to our environment, if you only use things or products that will not harm them. The choice is yours but it is expedient that we care for the earth we live in.
We need to take care of this mother earth.. sweet dream cupcakes!