Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lovey Dovey

Today is my darling fiona 's day . I wanted to make a video and I have made like 20 sth but I look so stupid in it , I giggled or made funny noises which are very embarassing . Planned to edit it but I have lack of skills . So what did I record? pretty much like this :

weird? I know . ssstt

saengil chukka hamnida fiona unnie <3 love you to bits

Well what did I do?
Morning : sent chandra off at the airport then had my breakfast along with classmates .
Afternoon : Had lunch with another group of friends and went fishing! It was my first time . I will not catch any of them . Imagine your life is hanging by someone else, the one who decides either you live or die :s then we went to have dinner