Friday, April 13, 2012

good luck is the mother of hard work

smurfs in action

it was raining right after we came out from taxi -.-

Hello (: I'm currently at a cafe for the connection's sake. collecting files for tomorrow's test and decide to update a post before I leave. So.. I received a very good news last night from nadia. She has made me so prooooouddd, again (: pictures above are her sweet 17, last month . I'm SOOO PROUD OF HER OMG hahahaa. okay, enuff. she will say I embarrass her. hahahaa. Anyway I'm having mid tests ): Both unis hold the same week for mid tests! How lucky I am? (: greetings to sleepless nights, gastric pain and swollen eyes . Wish me luck! see you in 3 weeks later. this tests are surely killing me softly.