Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't worry be happy

doodle doodle doodle I love starbucks

I have learned many things for these past few days . I become more alert with people's attitude and behaviour . People can change easily , less than 24 hours. You talk to a person everyday , maybe the next day , that person will stop talking to you. A small careless talk will lead to a long silence . This is life. People come and go esp when they got bf/gf , surely they will less pay attention to what you say. I don't say that everyone is like that , but this uneasy feeling always occurs . Moreover, some people are too selfish to be true . They want me to understand about their situations , but ever cross in your mind to make me feel comfortable and happy? I'm not your mood stabilizer. I always say 'yes' even I really want to say 'no' . I'm not pretending to be an angel. I just don't want to argue any longer. Zip my lip, keep silent and everything's going to be alright . I have good friends, however somehow I don't want to disturb them as this sensitive feeling is not worth to tell and I can type my rants on this blossom web. It's not a big deal ,isn't it? I need to be more easy-going and ignorant :D It's funny how foremost can become small fry and vice versa . Test is coming , exactly this wednesday . I am isolating so that no hurt feeling will appear (; dang. I need anyone who willing to patiently teach me math. ugggghh cao~

pastel purple colour on my toes ,loving it (: