Monday, October 4, 2010


HELLO OCTOBER I miss blogging :] Life has been giving me so much trials . Hence, I should face them wholeheartedly , control my emotions and start thinking positive (: Things change , people change ; some getting better ,some even worse. To sum up, I still love everything even though I was/am hurt , not to mention I am strong because of good friends around . October , well.. tests are getting closer and closer and I'm not well-prepared . Ielts test is postponed which is really such a reaaaliveee for me . I hope the examiners won't come back anymore *pray hard* :b
Highlight of this month? FIONA IS IN TOWN yay! and she unsuccessfully tricked me ! I'm braaainyyyy B) ok,stop. October hmm.. 5 fridays , 5 saturdays as well as 5 sundays! :D:D:D:D