Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of fabfebruary

Saturday , February 26th 2011
( updated it through phone but it failed )

Yellow! Time flies so fasttt . I can't believe it has been a year since dad&mom threw a big scale party for me . On the first stage, I don't think that I'm successful enough to be a daughter and friend . Hardheaded is my second nature . Followed by lazy, crybaby and sensitive . I wish I could change become a better person in every stage of my life . I'm trying anyway . I can hardly get a point of something and I need one who is willing to explain every detail . Bimbo indeed . I have to be more brilliant! That's all . Next, deep apologize to every of you for my unpleasant and imbecile demeanour . In this 16, I have been facing many ups and downs . Hard nuts to crack as well . However, I'm very grateful that I'm able to face them . I'm a thinker which makes me think too much and definitely it's time-consuming . Whatever . My mind can't stop thinking , even a milisecond . Even during my sleep time! It will turn into a dream . Sweet dreams or nightmares, depends . Bad ones become good ones and vice versa this of late . The world is getting k-k-k-krazier . So.. nah, what is my wishes?? I would be so thaaaaaaankful if anyone gives me this : a bottle of fireflies . This wish has never been granted ): Next wish? Big and round sunflowersssss! :D :D kayenuff .

Turning 17 is a bless I'm going to get residence identification card yayy!! Eggcited! And maybe driving license? I just want to own one so I look alike my classmates instead of being the youngest . Pardon my excitement .
a nice day! (:

Monday , February 28th 2011
I'm officially seventeen now (: I was over the moon with the greetings and loves (: When I woke up on 27th, there were 17 bbms , 37 twitter mentions and 17 facebook notifications . What a coincidence . Celebrated it by having dinner with family and close friends. It was a memorable night (: Frankly speaking ,I decided to be broad-minded like not being too faint-hearted and ready to pursue my studies in overseas ; a thought of not every boy is the same and I should be more flexible as well as ready to fall in love . However, turned out the confession of one changed 180degree of my decision . disappointing

I'm bored now . Wanna study but no motivations -_- bye cupcakes ! will update about my birthday later once the photographer gives me the pictures . xo

P.S : i miss my two girls (you know who you are)