Sunday, April 3, 2011


Greetings! How are you? Doing well? I wanna update daily but unfortunately I shouldn't . National exam is in two weeks times yet I haven't well-prepared . I'm googling , finding which college/uni I will apply. See how terrible I am, most of my friends have applied and accepted whilst I'm still checking == It's so confusing to choose one among so many choices . I hope I decide wisely . It's scary how time flies very fast without my notice :S

A boy up there is one of my beloved cousins dexteerrr! He is always there whenever I need him . I'm going to miss him as this time is his last visit . How I dislike the singapore government will send him to army camp .

I need to go now. I'm really good in dwadling away my whole morning . Farewell! See you in may : )