Friday, April 29, 2011


Prince William and Princess Catherine Middleton 's wedding day has been the most popular issue around the world . It attracts children to adults and old people. Honestly speaking , I love kate . She is very low profile (make up by herself ) as well as she keeps smiling (:(:(: A girl who always smiles is pretty! Wedding dress? It's stunning! I think she is very calm with princessy (idk what word this is) acts

Do I want to be Kate? 70% no. 30% yes.
Being princess is not easy like flipping pages. The palace has its own strict rules . The whole world will know you and a stupid act can cause a tragedy . Being princess means being a role model as well . I can't do whatever I like . I should think more than twice before deciding and talking which I find difficult.. But whatever, it's my opinion! (:
On the other hand, I want to be like kate , why? Because she seems to be a kind-hearted person , low-profile and down-to earth . Especially , she keeps smiling! : ) FURTHERMORE, I don't like to be called princess by many people or I could say, e v e r y single person . I want to be a princess for my own prince and he should be the one who calls me princess instead of the gazzilion peoplee :b Anyway ,mom frequently bbm me 'princess' . It's very niceeee ,sometimes. Even though it's ew.. sometimes . lol