Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hey strangers, wanna be my friends?

I've just eaten 'nyamnyam' :D It brings memories of childhood . I'm so freaking damn super bored right now . I don't have friends here. Well.. I have , but not cooperative ones. Don't see things eye to eye as well . I'm very sensitive nowadays , it's maybe because I spend days alone . notgoodnotgood tsktsk . I sound very desperate , yes I am desperateeeee ]: I wish I were in singapore with fidenadexichan ! fionadenissanadiadextermichan :b Ahh I have just come back from menipedi and I regret to try on the stickers! Should have just asked her to paint D: I don't know what will I do now.. Let's just upload pictures >: ugh I'm deadbored bye

Yesterday's nail colour plus teddy bear and one of the prom's leftover flowers , have a good evening! With love, S.