Sunday, May 22, 2011

knock knock

Yelloooow (: It has been such a long time since my last post , yeah I'm a bad blogger . I don't know how to start . I'll just type whatever things in my mind in bullets (:

  • I went to a holiday trip with friends last two weeks if I'm not mistaken . Even though there was a chaos.. I had a memorable one! more pictures on facebook :D

  • uh-oh I have just come back from jakarta yesterday . I have only been there once when I was a kid so I've no memories of that hot city at all . Pretty lame huh. My great grandma passed away last sunday /: only met her once sighh

  • I've been very depressed lately . I couldn't sleep well and ajkhdaksdh I don't know how to describe /:

  • I should plan activities . tuitions I mean . I'm a lazy pig nowadays and it's not good!
  • BYE! I'm so stressed out pfftt asdakshdaklsjd :(