Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anything I'm not

Hello everyone , how are you doing? Well, I'm sick . It ruined my plans and I should cancel my outing with g . It's so hard to get up that I couldn't do anything besides staying on my bed the whole day . I tried to go downstair or took a bath just now yet I ended up with sighing . I vomit yst meals , dizzy when I watched tv and my head is spinning whilst I'm typing . What's wrong with me /: I force myself too much . too much. sigh

love this twoooo <3

had lunch with primary school friends yesterday..

Having angelin in town always blossom my day. She's one of those friends who I don't talk much in daily life but never out of topics when we gather .
Experiences, friends , etc.
Then I realize..
"There are many people care about you. But a few do truly care"