Saturday, August 27, 2011

An ice cream a day keeps happiness stays :D

old pic <3

Haaaaiiii.. I've been laying on the bed or sofa for these two days . still unhealthy and all I can do is laying helplessly . I can't stand slacking off, doing nothing for the whole day ughh.. I hate it when I have plans , my body isn't supportive! ]: My pimples grow more -.- I've no idea when I can get rid of them out of my life tsk . I'm craving for cakes again.. I went to cake shop yesterday and bought what I wanted but I don't think I will go today.. The atmosphere outside weakens me boo! -_- And I can't depend on anyone, right? I hope I will recover soon :D Pray for me will ya? (; Have a niiceeee daaayy..