Monday, August 23, 2010

booo it's hot!

Teacher canceled today's tuition ,which means, i can have a breaaaak (: The weather is damn hot and I think this is a sign for us . I cough every 10 mins and i'm getting tired of it /: yesterday was a quite good sunday (: My friends made my day. I had a small reunion at black canyon with primary classmates . The vegetarian food wasn't suitable for me. Right after having lunch , my friend fetched me and they wanted to buy red sneakers like mine.. we will wear it togetheeeeer (:yayness, cooperative friends indeed . Next, went to a place to eat. I thought the food wasn't included meats,fishes,prawns or any animals. I asked the seller whether he uses meat oil or palm oil and he said palm oil. k , then I said are they meat? He said nope. k then.. I was very careless and didn't ask him whether it contains prawns or other things. /: I ate some of them until I asked my friend are they prawn (while taking chopsticks and searched the praws) . guess what did I find out? PRAWNS small prawns aaaaaaa . This is a lesson for me not to be careless. Lesson learned (: Then we went to sushitei as riwanta wanted to make a reservation for celebrating his birthday on this saturday. Had ice cream at mcd :D I asked my friend to tell the person to make it higher and of course, double price . WORTH IT :D I ate 3 ice cream in a day and now I'm coughing like an old woman . To sum up, I'm happy (: