Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hello hello hello! Finally , test has ended. A lot of things have happened . I don't know where should I tell first . Let's talk about yesterday . Yesterday has become a disappointing day, my unhappy day , as well as upset day. I planned to made a birthday surprise for our math teacher . We ordered baloons and cake , prepared everything . But it turned to be..failed. i don't know who to blame. But I think it's me. I didn't keep them organized ): My twitter updates are very...? Every update has :( on it. I don't feel like telling about the details . kthx. Right after the failed-surprise , went to sunday cafe with lauren winny and mervin to have our lunch . The food was tasteless. I was very sad... My friends kept cheering me up . At night, attended Jessica's birthday dinner at ikancianjur with lauren . The dresscode is vintage.. So, lauren and I wore the same clothes , again. tee-hee. Next, went to bakerzin, juni mei shervia came along too (: I ordered a plate of ice cream to cheer myself up and jasmine tea as I had gastric /:

going to have lunch with primary classmates. Have a nice day! lovelove,S (: