Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Sunday !

Good morning! I'm going to a place this morning with a bunch of friends . Last night I attended riwanta's birthday dinner at sushi tei. Things went well, everyone was happy . Went home at 11 and I wanted to update this blog so badly, but since I had a headache, I was told to sleep as soon as possible . Before the dinner, I was very bored and alone at home. So I took few pictures of myself :b Enjoy looking, viewing and laughing (:

Lauren's brother called timothy , thaught I was lauren and he was like why-lauren-is-there , then I said "I'm sheila, I'm not your sis" . He was very shy . why? I gave him every food and he ate them without showing rebel actions . He said : " why both of you look the same? " All of us were LOL-ing . This is cute.. even her brother couldn't recognize which is his sister. o my god. hahahaha..

Drive thru mcdonald ice cream after the dinner :D

Have a nice day people! (: Keep smiling ,XX -S