Monday, August 30, 2010

WE ♥ YOU - Kasih Sukacita

Yesterday I went to orphanage with friends . The plan went out pretty well . We will do better next time (: We will prepare more enjoyable things for them . I loveeee last sunday ♥ The feeling after sharing happiness to others can't beat any other feelings . I feel very happy , delighted, glad, and ecstasy :D:D:D:D:D:D We sang We played We jumped We laughed We smile : )

Right after that, we went to drink coconut water . Had our lunch at paparons sun plaza . Then watched 'tekken' at thamrin plaza. This movie is veryyy scary. I mean, it doesn't suit me at all but since my friends wanted to watch it, I'm okay with it. I kept closing my eyes when the movie started. Blood, kill, fight, and matches . OMG SRSLY too much violent actions . Next, some of us went to golden yen and had our dinner.

Drive-thru ice cream on my home (:

Anyway, we custom-made the clothes (; and there are 3 of us who worered converse sneakers . Eventually, why don't you visit and share your happiness with them? You will feel a great feeling after it. We are all one (; xx - S

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