Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hai! Hello , hai! hai hai haiii . Yesterday had good and bad things happened. Where shd I start? Bad or good? I think it's better to talk about the good thing first . Errr the good things are.. yesterday I put the cake with oily and sticky cream to my friends' faces and i was satisfieeeeeeeeeed (: then.. My girl classmates ordered bags and they had arrived! Same model but different colours (: Mine is white-red :D ........... I think nothing's good anymore /: argh, the bad thing(s) are we were caught by the discipline teacher after we played the throw-cake session . I was like shaking when I saw her and started to asked my friend : "aaaaaaaaaaa how??" She came in and said " All of you have to come to the office on thursday! and don't ever try to escape . DO YOU KNOW ELANG? (my surname) " okay.. the teacher knew me, sure she knew me . I was in charge for everything in my class for like.. 5years? and this is the sixth years . I go in and out the office everyday . I was like "OMGOMGOMGOMG" and walking here and there . My friends tried to calm me but I kept saying " I'm so deeeeaddddd" . I'm scared, that's it. I am afraid that how if.. I am not allowed to have exams on the exact daaaays? Friday is the test,nah, I made a mess. or shd I say we? nooo it's not we /: I'm the first one who throw it :B aaah whatever :b

Yesterday night I attended edelyn's 17th birthday party at pisa cafe. Actually it's not her birthday date ,however, you know, tests always love to ruin people's plans -.- I met my classmates there and they were craaaazzzzyyyyyy . The birthday girl, of course, looked beautiful! (: Had the very 'last' fun until the tests end ): Anyway, lauren and I wore the same pink model dress. The dress code is 'barbie' and tararaaa! We turned into the pink twins barbie . People were calling us with the wrong names -.- Some called me 'ren' as well as she, was called 'sheii' . And we would say " yesss? " :D
Many pictures were taken with my eyes shut due to the flash x.x