Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Please go further sickness

Good morning! Skip school today . As usual , sick. It has not been completely 3 weeks since I was sick last time , now I am sick again . I loathe my body . This body is so weaaaaak . I'm tired of being sick , sick, sick and sick . I felt very weak yesterday . Couldn't go to canteen or run like I always do . couldn't jump, scream or stand longer -.- However , I had a lab class , I didn't want to skip it and forced myself to go to school . As a result , a high temperature last night , mixed with shivering and sore throat . I feel much better after having a rest at the bed for the whole 12 hours? (: Anyway , I want a puppy or dog badly . Why puppy? I can bring it along when I'm going out alone or accompany me at home . Why dog? It feels like being protected by a large dog esp siberian husky . His fierce eyes and large body will make bad people go further :b Pictures below were taken when I visited dog show last time . They were adoraaaaable (: