Thursday, November 4, 2010

blessed :')

Hello! Pictures below were taken during the days I worked voluntarily . I felt delighted to have the odd and faith to follow this event . Met over 1000 monks from every parts of the world brought a tremendous excitement to me! The temple was gigantic and incredible! The weather was so cold and the rain stopped only on 31st . It was definitely cooooold . I was shivering all the time , however it indeed worths (: The monks are funny . Some of them took the pictures of me and my new friends everytime we met . Chatting along and I was given holy things from them . It's a memorable event . I would like to thank God that I was given the chance to follow it (: Not to mention, I GOT SUNBURN ): My face's skin is peeling off now . I look scaaaaaary /: Tomorrow is my speaking test and honestly speaking, I'm veryvery nervous . I'm afraid that the examiner do not want to look at my face as it looks horrible . Going to sleep earlier today . Wish me luck! Good night (: xx - S err before signing out, Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you