Friday, August 19, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

Haaaai I'm widely awake as I'm helping sis to prepare her stuffs and sth . I hope it will be ugh-mazinggg! Wish her thousands of luck . I started my tuesday with english tuition and went there with w the silly one . Right after it , I had mcd drive-thru , I don't understand why some people do not get what I order . Then fetched m to have briefing in a uni which made me feel gloomy . However, Thank God I had another w who helps me think positive! I'm not going to abandon art , I will never do it again. Sheila is Sheila . Late lunch with s and coincidentally met my friend's mom and I loveee her mindset, always adore this aunty. (: I'm arranging my documents and I need to sleep once it's settled . Have a nice day awesome (you) ! :D